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Was thinking about becoming a vegan AGAIN then something questionable to debate cropped up. If extreme vegans find it barbarous to take any form of animal produce, dairy or meat to the point were they may look down at others, then why do they find it okay…

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Anonymous: Hey do you have sources on how the leather industry and meat industry are separated? 


Of course :)


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Anonymous: For anyone in winter or with cracked lips, blisters, bug bites, stings, rashes, basically anything look into paw paw ointment. Honestly I use it on everything and it's a life save. (I know the Lucas brand one is like 99% paw paw (papaya) and it totally vegan) 
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Anonymous: What do you think of people who claim that you do not need to be vegan to be against animal cruelty?? It makes zero sense to me how someone can claim to be "against animal cruelty" but contribute to it. 


Hi bunny!

I agree with you completely, I think that it’s very backwards to be against animal abuse, when 98% of the animal abuse that happens in the US occurs in the animal agriculture industry. Canada isn’t off the hook either. (Warning: graphic content in link) If you’re actively funding the animal agriculture industry by consuming meat/eggs/dairy, you are supporting animal abuse. Unfortunately many non-vegans do not see it this way because their cognitive dissonance shields them from recognizing their moral contradiction. They know animal abuse is wrong, but do not wish to alter their lifestyle to accommodate animals in the meat industry. I think it’s really frustrating seeing people only outraged by certain kinds of abuse, when there is so much abuse happening in an industry that they are all too happy to give their money to because “bacon” :(

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pacificallyspecific: Top five favorite sharks! 


  1. white
  2. whale
  3. tiger
  4. hammerhead
  5. basking

blue and thresher are cuties… still apex predators… but such cuties!

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